That’s a question on a gossip quiz:

Who said the following:

“Breakfast, lunch, and f-cking dinner right here!”

If you don’t know, you haven’t been doing your gossip homework.

Colin Farrell, of course.

He’s promoting Saving Mr Banks and discussed it during an Irish television interview the other day. But first…the subject came up because he was addressing Fifty Shades Of Grey rumours. Look at his reaction, his first expression, to the movie. What are you reading there? Because I’m reading, “God I’d rather do another Total Recall than be involved in that piece of sh-t”.

Also, watch this sexy motherf-cker flirt from his position on stage with the audience member in the stands. I am TELLING you.

But then again, I really don’t have to. Not if you’ve seen it. Have you seen it? He’s said, several times, that he spent a lot of money making sure that you don’t see it. And he confirms the amount here -- $5 million to keep it off pay-per-view. So that his ma wouldn’t check into a hotel room somewhere with the option of watching him f-ck (unless she knows how to find it on the internet, which isn’t hard). As always, Colin is very engaging and that makes him very attractive, probably attractive enough for Duana to blush while she’s watching it. Colin Farrell has always been her jam. Also Enrico Colantoni. (I know!!!)

Here’s video of Colin’s appearance. And below that, have you ever seen the staged reading (by Shakespeare trained actors) of Colin’s sex tape?