Well who else would it be?

He was the Best Actor. His costars were the Best Supporting Actors. His film was the Best Film. Colin Firth went home and they called her Your Majesty. Also, I just tried to spell that with a “G” and got told off by spellcheck and for that I blame Madonna. But I digress. Now you’re mad at me for including Madonna in an article about Colin, right? It’s just mistake on top of mistake, this post.

Let’s start over shall we?

Colin Firth is King. Colin Firth with his lovely wife, running a campaign that has turned off no-one, which, because we’re all cynical bitches, is a rarity these days. This is Colin’s second BAFTA Best Actor win in a row; he was honoured last year for his work in A Single Man.


We have one stop to go. Some would say that’s the real crown.

February 27th. And I’m in the press room afterwards, where all the winners stop by before the Governor’s Ball. Please let him come back there and be delightful. Please.

Photos from Wenn.com and Chris Jackson/Dave Hogan/CARL DE SOUZA/Gettyimages.com