Sending some love your way in advance of the big show. And the kind that isn't nauseating. Duana just used this word on the phone with me a few minutes ago to describe Natalie Portman. More on this later.

Right now, there's nothing revolting about Colin Firth and the beautiful Livia at Tom Ford's party last night - so elegant, so genuinely into each other, so ready for a motherf-cking win on Sunday.

And then Mark Ruffalo, another one of our favourites, and a first time Best Supporting Actor nominee - yay! - at LAX with his wife Sunrise, loving each other so much. And making me love them more. Maybe it's more fun when you know you won't win.

Ps. I'm sorry the posts have been slow this morning. I'm on the carpet shooting etalk until 10am pt and trying to write at the same time. I have a lot to tell you from last night though and as soon as I'm released I'll get right on it. These are quick articles I can fire off for now without too much concentration.

Pps. Remind me in case I forget to tell you about James Franco and Anne Hathaway meangirling me.

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