Really. He is.

I received an email yesterday from Isabel who told me about Colin Firth’s article in Vogue which reminded me I hadn’t even opened my December issue yet. Of course I immediately went to check. And there he is. On page 292, maybe the best photo of him ever taken. And then the interview...

As Isabel noted, there’s a part at the beginning that, well, wins you over right away. If you’re not affected by this there might not be hope for you.

“As I (the writer) hesitate over the ordering of salad or fries, he announces in the gallant tone of one used to making difficult decisions, “She’ll have fries”. Then he turns to me. “They’re not fattening if someone else orders them for you.”

I want Colin Firth to order me fries!!!

Of course Colin is currently promoting The King’s Speech. I know I’ve been moaning about this for months. But really, really,’s my favourite of all the Oscar contenders. And I think you’ll love it too.

Also... when he says “there are elements of the ridiculous about you”, I laugh every time.

His Letterman interview is now online. Best 10 minutes of your day.