Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush attended the tribute Gala for The King’s Speech at the AFI Fest on Friday night, marking perhaps the official kickoff of the film’s campaign for Oscar. Many predict it’ll be George VI vs Mark Zuckerberg at the Kodak next year as The King’s Speech and The Social Network are said to be, at the moment, the two strongest candidates for Best Picture. But don’t forget to leave a slot open for True Grit.

So here he is, of course, Colin, as handsome as he always is, in a beautifully tailored suit, probably Tom Ford, working his charm, very aware, despite his modesty, that this could very well be his year. Not sure why Livia couldn’t join him though. They are usually always closely attached. It would have been something very, very important for her to miss the occasion.

Remember last year during awards season she was challenged to go red carpet green at every event and blog about it for Vogue UK? She told me at TIFF she was doing the same if Colin contended this time. It seems like a foregone conclusion. Click here for Livia’s blog.

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