But not close enough.

This is for Laura – we miss you!

And this is for you – Colin Firth tonight here at the London Film Festival screening of Genova. We were hoping he’d show up later at the Grey Goose Characters & Cocktails party but the best we had was some British race car driver called Jensen Button who sucks sh-t right now …

Does it matter?

Look at him.

Jensen Button is SOOOO beautiful – to borrow from Nick & Norah – right now you’re probably blowing him with your eyes. He bid on one of the bars up for action tonight and won. Then we giggled about what he’d do with it in his house, like all high school and stupid during an assembly.

Does a hot but slow driving race car driver qualify as a loser?

PS. It’s late. Have had a few. It was a Grey Goose party, after all. Sorry for typees. Typees are better than tight shoes. My feet hurt from heels. F-cking heels.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com