Mamma Mia: Meryl Streep, who is of a certain age, at the heart of a three man romantic intrigue. Yes… it’s a Hollywood movie. Can you believe it? Can you believe they’d make a movie about adults over 18?

Here are two of those 3 men, both completely devoted to their wives, both dashing and debonair on the red carpet tonight at the London premiere.

First Pierce Brosnan and his wife Keely Shaye Smith, to whom he’s been married since 2001. They’re making a sequel to the Thomas Crown Affair. Agree or disagree?

Next… sigh… Colin Firth with the stunning Livia. Colin Firth. Colin Firth. As for why she’s wearing a smiley face dress with a bumble bee motif on the back – so it’s a ridiculous outfit. But she is a classic beauty. And every night she goes to bed with Colin Firth. And every night you don’t. Who wins?

For those of you who live in Vancouver – did you know Colin sneaks into town now and again to visit his son? With Meg Tilly? They met on the set of Valmont, he moved to Canada to be with her but eventually found it was too hard being away from England. There are conflicting reports about their split – some rumours (never substantiated) suggest she was blindsided when he broke it to her and that he pretty much abandoned his kid too.

Colin and Meg however have always maintained civility, never letting it get ugly publicly, though she reportedly has yet to recover, even though it’s been over a decade. And can you blame her? It’s Colin Firth.

As for time in Vancouver – a couple of months ago, Colin apparently made an appearance at his son’s school for a special reading. Can you imagine the posh moms that day? All finding an excuse to hang out instead of going to yoga for a glimpse at Colin Firth?

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