Whatever Patrick Dempsey. If you want a perfect man… look no further than Colin Firth. Especially if you are, like me, an anglophile. Who can deny the accent? And the sheepish grin? And the way he looks in pants. And the way he looks in a suit? And the way he kissed Bridget at the very end? And the way he curses? And his pathetic Portuguese in Love Actually? And of course Mr Darcy!

Colin is so quiver.

Now…more reason to quiver.

Colin and his wife Livia are brand new shopkeepers – they’ve opened up their own “eco-friendly” establishment in West London focused on selling Fairtrade products. Said Colin:

"If you have this many perks, sure you can help out. Rather than
being a luvvie with a lofty opinion preaching to people, I prefer to do things,
to get involved, put my money where my mouth is and learn along the way."

A luvvie with a lofty! Do you love it, or do you LOVE it???

But ugh.

His wife.

So beautiful. And he adores her.

Hate her!


Photos from WENN