They’re on Sunday. And it would be a shocker if Colin Firth didn’t win Best Actor for his performance in The King’s Speech. Aside from his category though, there will be more a little more suspense at the BAFTAs than the Oscars. You know, the BAFTAs gave a lot more love to Inception than The Fighter. Like, Melissa Leo didn’t even receive a nomination. Will be interesting to see how they call some of the races. There are whispers that Annette Bening is making a silent but deadly charge and that there just might be a Best Actress upset. Ballots aren’t actually due until February 22nd. There’s a LOT of time left.

Anyway, let’s start our day off the right way. Or, if you’re cleansing like me, let’s try to restart the day off the right way after a salt flush. (I have to tell you though, that sh-t works FAST.) Here’s Colin at LAX heading back to London, getting ready to be celebrated at home. He looks great in those jeans, non? I mean, have you ever seen a more elegant man???

And while we’re talking campaigning – what he’s doing right now is delivering a textbook run. He’s not afraid to say he wants it, but he doesn’t want it in a way that’s overly desperate. He’s also not demanding it like it’s his due. And all of it with that cheeky smile, like he’s in on the joke, it’s really not all that serious, and it’s ok if you laugh. Please don’t ever stop being perfect.

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