These men. These suits. I love so much.

Colin Firth was in the lobby the other day waiting to exit. I only saw him from behind at first. Noticed the suit. And the height. He is a tall, tall man. And he carries himself so beautifully it’s instantly recognisable.

Stationed at the side entrance so as not to be mobbed by the throng outside, his publicist led him out to the sedan waiting to pick him up. He was not rushed, he strolled with purpose but not panic, past photographers and fans and calmly stepped into the Audi and on to the next stop. Sigh. Breathtaking.

And that’s just the beginning.

Colin was at TIFF for Dorian Gray and A Single Man with Tom Ford. He was dressed in Tom Ford, he was at the press conference with Tom Ford, and he was outposed by Tom Ford.

Tom Ford posing makes my f-cking life. Look at these shots. He’s perfect in all these shots!

On Tuesday night, Colin showed up at the annual In Style party. He spent several minutes walking up and down the fan line, taking photos, signing autographs, hugging them, talking to them, accepting their birthday wishes, while his wife Livia waited patiently on the carpet, so elegant, such a lady, and more chic than most of the celebrities who were there that night.

After spending time with the crowd, Colin came over to the press line to chat. He’s a handsome man, yes. But it’s even better his personality.

Very dry, very sarcastic, funny as sh-t.

He came into our etalk lounge this week for an interview in support of Dorian Gray. When asked what it was like working with Ben Barnes, he replied – pffft. He’s boring. I don’t want to talk about him. He’s boring. People with faces like that are boring. And it doesn’t move from all that Botox.

You have to imagine it, with his accent, and a twinkle in his eye…

I’m telling you, it’s like foreplay.

Laura needed him to stop talking. She already loves him, and he was making her love him even more, and at that rate, she would have blocked the door and claimed him for herself.

It was the same on the carpet. We talked about wearing a Tom Ford. He said Tom Ford is a genius but even Tom Ford can’t make him as pretty as Ben Barnes. Heh. I also asked him about being Mark Darcy for the 3rd time. According to Colin Firth, that’s a “phantom report”. He knows nothing of a third Bridget Jones film. And he’d be willing to do it, except that right now, it’s not happening. Those clips will air on etalk tonight.

MTV Canada’s Jessi Cruickshank had a great moment with Colin too. She wanted to know what he smelled like. And he let her lean in. F-ck. That should have been my question.

Needless to say, he had us. He has us for life.

And then he put his arms around his wife and they went inside where he was friendly and funny and sweet all night, did not hide in a private booth like Nicolas Cage, and held hands with Livia virtually the entire time.

Such a relief when the ones you admire don’t let you down.

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