Remember when Halle Berry won her Oscar and then made a piece of sh-t called Catwoman? Well, Main Street isn’t Catwoman, not quite, but, um, as Laura wrote to me yesterday, “I think that Colin Firth made a big, big mistake.”

This trailer... it’s horrifying.

More specifically, the accents, they are HORRIFYING.

Now if you’ve seen Elizabethtown you already know about Orlando Bloom and his inability to pull off an American accent – that was several years ago, and not much has changed. Unfortunately Colin’s accent is no better. In fact, it’s atrocious. Like the kind of thing you wish you could un-hear. I never thought I could be embarrassed for Colin Firth. Not even during Mamma Mia. But this... this is embarrassing. So much. Un-hear!!! Let me un-hear!!!

And you know what? Let’s be fair. Because we are always giving American actors sh-t for putting on bad British accents so the criticism has to come in the other direction too. Colin sucks at this one. He sucks a lot.

So I guess my point is, if you love him, maybe you don’t want to watch this trailer, maybe you don’t want to see this movie. Or...perhaps I can offer a palette cleanser? Click here to read the article. Sigh. This is the Colin we know and love. I don’t recognise and refuse to acknowledge the crazy person in this clip.

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