Yeah, it’s like a fart joke. Very, very juvenile. But when Colin Firth says it, and in Italian, well, it’s adorably hilarious. And a little less low classy.

Colin’s been making his rounds for A Single Man– Conan on Monday night, Jon Stewart last night (haven’t watched it yet). While with Conan, he discussed speaking Italian. Livia, his gorgeous wife, is Italian. So it was a short tutorial. Sex. Beast. Elegance. Love him.

Many of you wondered why Colin was not mentioned in the Globes wrap-up for Best Man. His Tom Ford suit, obviously, was sublime. But ... Colin was working a little too much hairspray for my liking that night, particularly noticeable during the pre-show interview. I’ve seen him with the wind whipping his hair. Live in person. It’s magnificent. Wish he would have done the same on Sunday night.

No matter. This is about Colin and Conan and happy anuses. Enjoy.

Part 1

Part 2

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