He really isn’t. But the way the timing worked out yesterday at Letterman, Colin Firth had to be. Any show producer would have made the same call. After all, Jerry Seinfeld was there. And he delivered a short stand-up routine. And he spent time on the chair with Dave, talking about his trip to the White House. So that was the only decision on the table. The only question is how the show ended up being so heavily stacked on the same night. Celebrity schedules can be complicated.

But it was Firth’s first time at The Late Show. He was, not surprisingly, totally delightful. Looked great, obviously, but it’s the way he speaks too. So erudite, so elegant, so intelligent, so quick, even Dave couldn’t help it, even Dave was charmed, and I swear he wanted to kiss his hand at the very end.

Of course I can’t find the video. Of course no one bothered.

... the f-ck?!

It’s Colin Firth!

Fortunately there are, however, other clips. From The King’s Speech, opening in limited release in New York and LA (lucky you!) this weekend, and then wide the following. Am attaching the trailer first, then a few scenes from the film. I LOVED this film. This film is going all the way to the Oscars. It has to. And this is a film for right now. For when your heart is extra receptive to a big fist pump of a story – you know it has to be a certain time of year? I get this way – sentimental, sappy – around now, almost gluttonously. Like, I’m begging you to make my heart swell, I am open to being emotionally manipulated for an hour into believing that anything is, indeed, possible. The great thing about The King’s Speech though is that that doesn’t seem to go away when it’s over, even for a bitch ass cynic like me.

By the way, they gave this an R rating. Because at one point, to improve his speech from a stutter, he says “F-ck” like 40 times. Somehow this is more offensive than a Vin Diesel movie about racing stolen cars for sport.

Photos from Wenn.com