It’s called Bridget Jones’s Baby. And we know Bridget is pregnant. But who’s the father? The whole point is that they want us to think it might not be Mark Darcy’s. And since Patrick Dempsey has joined the cast, he could be possible baby father.

So here’s Colin Firth on set in London today hugging a woman who may or may not be part of the scene, in his trademark Mark Darcy overcoat. And then there are other shots of Bridget looking grumpy. Is she sad because she’s not having Mark’s baby? Is she having Mark’s baby but he’s hugging this random?

I just want you to imagine the uproar that would (will?) ensue if Bridget and Darcy don’t end up having a baby together. Like the outrage that would happen on Twitter. I mean I love them just as much as anyone else but I also kinda want to see that meltdown.