5 what?

It wasn’t intended to be this way when I started writing this morning but somehow every post so far has been about the British. So I thought I’d round it out with 5 straight and move on. You ok with Colin Firth? Or are you going to bitch about it because you “don’t care about the Royal Wedding and why don’t you just stop writing about it Lainey because none of my friends are going to watch, and you keep going on about a non-story?”

I’ve received maybe a dozen or so emails like this. And I get it. Some people aren’t into it. Sure. Won’t argue. But there are, undeniably, SO MANY people who ARE really, really into it. Have they become invisible to you behind your opinion? Because, um, I can assure you, they’re there.

Does Colin Firth care? Oh I’m sure he cares a little. I’m SURE he’s going to be watching at least part of it. Maybe even over at Cameron Diaz’s? They’re prepping for a movie together called Gambit to shoot in London. According to the new issue of Us Weekly she’ll be hosting a small Wedding Viewing party tomorrow for crew etc. Can you imagine Cammie D, Colin Firth, and Alan Rickman sipping tea on a couch analysing the details of Kate’s dress?

Here’s Colin last night after dinner at Massimo Restaurant.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com