Colin Firth received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today. Of course his wife Livia was there with him. But also Guy Pearce who does a great job as dipsy Edward VIII in The King’s Speech. (Side note: Madonna is making a movie about Wallis Simpson. And I wonder if she’ll be whitewashing those alleged Nazi sympathies. The Duchess really could wear an outfit though. So…that’s important, right?) Guy is enjoying a career resurgence after some personal struggles, including trouble with drugs, about which he’s been rather candid. There’s an excellent article on Pearce here that’s definitely worth the read. He’s honest about his mistakes and he’s doesn’t attempt to hide his vulnerability. It’s very sexy. As you know, as it is with the other Christopher Nolan frequent collaborator, Guy Pearce is just as good as Christian Bale.

As for Colin…well… he’s perfect. Wasn’t he perfect, and delightfully raspy, with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show the other night? Colin of course is balls deep in the Oscar campaign. Undeniably the favourite going in. Yesterday I posted this article about whether or not The Social Network is unstoppable for the Oscar.

Ritchie P replied with email positing that it’s too much too soon. Ritchie’s a bit of an Awards superfreak. He has studied the sh-t back and forth. And he argues that Brokeback Mountain had the same momentum going into the SAGs and lost there to Crash, and Crash (ugh) went on to win Gold. So there might still be a chance, though slim, for The King’s Speech. The SAGs happen on January 30th.

Interesting question came up recently in my inbox from a reader called Peter about Colin’s attractiveness to gay men:

Hey Lainey,
Just curious what your main ‘mo’s opinion of Colin Firth is? My theory is that women find him attractive, but gay men don’t. Peter

I decided to ask Darren. It’s below. But I’d like to throw it out there for you all too to think about. Hit me back!

Darren: When I first looked at the question I thought, OMG, are you kidding me? Has this guy SEEN the video? IMHO, anyone who’s seen the Colin video and not had some sort of physical reaction is dead from the neck down. Then I looked at the question again and realized he wasn’t asking about Colin Farrell he was asking about the other Colin and, well, therein lies my answer: He’s the other Colin.

Sure, he’s an accomplished actor who, I might add is aging very well, and I’d be happy to see in any number of roles, but in a parallel Bridget Jones universe, if he showed up at my house wearing nothing but a raincoat, I think I’d actually get him a pair of trousers. Were it Colin Farrell in the same scenario, well, that brings a few nasty thoughts that require just a moment to adjust my …

There’s something about a straight man and the “accessibility” factor. I think Colin Firth might just be too accessible -- almost TOO gay positive. I know, it may come as a shock to many that “we the gays” don’t find every man attractive and are surprisingly different to women in who we do. In fact, and be gentle when you tell them, 90% of straight men do nothing for us. Sometimes, we can’t even figure out what YOU see in them. Sure, it can be fun to have them think you’re imagining getting medieval on them like Marcellus Wallace on Jed (Jacek, take note), but if they seem like they’d want to hold you gently and make you tea the morning after, I for one am not so interested. It’s a fine line somewhere between Jack Black and Tom Ford for me. With Colin Firth, despite the lady-buzz about him, I can almost hear the kettle boiling and him rustling in the cupboard for the tin of biscuits.

Meh. No thanks. Ladies, he’s all yours.

No complaint here.

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