Trust me.

Before you watch the video, if you have an office, shut the door. If your workspace is more public, you may want to delay enjoying the clip, or clamp your teeth down on a towel and hope no one walks by.


Colin Firth is speaking Italian.

Laura – did you know he speaks Italian?

His wife is Italian. He speaks Italian. Laura is probably passed out by now.

Laura loves him. Laura was in a room with him last week at TIFF for a junket – click here for the article - and he was so charming and smart and sexy, already high on her list, she couldn’t handle it anymore and was begging him to stop in her mind, because the poor man, he was in danger of being locked inside indefinitely with her with no hope of release until she could have had her way.

Colin’s performance in Tom Ford’s A Single Man has been one of the major stories emerging out of the festival. They are already calling for a possible Best Actor Nomination. Harvey Weinstein has acquired the film. And you know, Harvey was the architect of a successful Oscar run for Kate Winslet last year.

We’ll be seeing A LOT of him. Colin, hopefully, not Harvey.

And now…

The video…

From Venice. The Single Man press conference.

Like it’s not enough his English accent.

Try to control yourselves.

And also the pretentious way Tom Ford talks. Moist.

Does this make up for Eminem?

Thanks Maja!

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