A Single Man + Mad Men = lady boners.

What’s up Pitt and Pattinson, now THIS is a beard. Jon Hamm is the American sex. And Colin Firth, sigh, is the British elegance. We differ however on their ladies. I just... Jennifer WestFeldt...the camera whoring, unintentional or not, is making me crazy. Livia on the other hand, well, did you know that Livia is going green for awards season?

She’s blogging for Vogue.com, challenged “to wear only ethical fashion on all the red carpets” from the Globes to the Oscars. Her SAG dress therefore was made from milk fibres. Click here to read about her selection process and click here to see her shoes, which Colin evidently helped her pick out. He really married well, non?

This picture of him posing with his leg out next to Tom Ford is killing me.

Photos from Wenn.com and Amelie Mucci/LE/Splash News and AXELLE/BAUERGRIFFIN.COM