While the National Board of Review awarded Best Actor to Jesse Eisenberg, The Washington DC Film Critics chose Colin Firth. Firth also took home the Best Actor award, not surprisingly, last night at the British Independent Film Awards in London. It’s undeniable that he’s the favourite, which is a great position to be in, but also a sucky one. Because, well, you could say it’s his to lose. And so he’s managing the expectations, insisting that for his little movie The King’s Speech, to have had this kind of attention is reward enough. And he does have a point. The King’s Speech played at one theatre in Vancouver this weekend. On one day. And at one time. The Park, Sunday, 10am. It’s a small movie.

Meanwhile, Jackass 3D and RED are still showing at multiple cinemas on several days and several times. I don’t understand this science.

Anyway, as you can see, Colin was joined on the carpet last night by his gorgeous wife Livia who, once again, as she did last year, will be going green at every event during the season and blogging about it for UK Vogue. Click here to see her page.

Photos from Wenn.com