It’s very, very, VERY early in the race so of course it could all change. But Colin Firth’s performance in A Single Man has already won him the Best Actor Award at the Venice Film Festival and the buzz continues to build through the first part of the season. Right now they’re saying he’s a lock on a nomination.

Please don’t be wrong, please don’t be wrong, please don’t be wrong.....

If it were to take place today, the competition would involve Colin head to head with George Clooney. Who has the edge? Hard to say, but remember, the Academy recently f-cked over Brokeback Mountain. And if it’s a popularity contest, George has more friends among voting members.

But we have months and months to go. Let’s not overhype. Instead, let’s enjoy the best of Colin’s career.

He attended the London Film Festival premiere of A Single Man with his wife Livia the other day. Livia is Italian too.

Livia > Elisabetta. Not even a discussion.

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