It’s so great that she’s all about green style but there has to be a vegan dress that’s an improvement on this one, non? I really do love Livia Firth. But this is an abomination; there’s no other way to say it.

Happily though, her dress didn’t have to go up on stage with him to present Best Actress.

“We were in Greece. I was gay and we were happy.”

Don’t you love the way Meryl threw her head back and roared? I feel like that’s the goal, you know? Can I make Meryl throw her head back and roar? If I can do that, I have succeeded in life. And he did.

Colin was celebrating last night and told so many people, very sincerely, that he enjoyed this time more than last, when he was the winner. No, not because of pressure. But because of HER. For the honour of presenting an Oscar to Meryl. He made it sound as though the best part of being Best Actor was the right to be with Meryl to announce her as Best Actress.

And I believe him. I don’t think he’s being disingenuous. I totally buy that, for him, this is a coveted privilege. God I love him so much.