But I do love the comments he made last night at the premiere of The Railway Man in London. It’s the true story of Eric Lomax who was captured during the Second World War, tortured, and made to work on Thai-Burma railway. Many years later he decided to confront his tormentor. Lomax is survived by his wife Patti who praised Colin’s performance:

"I had to very careful because Colin at times reminded me so much of my husband, like having a kick in the stomach, you know? He really has done very very well.”

Colin, however, says he felt “inadequate” when faced with the challenge of playing the part. He was humbled by this man’s life, his tenacity, his courage, and his suffering?

"We're actors, we don't have any experience which compares to this. So I was dogged by a sense of inadequacy of my limitations, not really as an actor, but just in terms of the experiences I've had, none of which enabled me to comprehend it."


Can you imagine how, oh I dunno, Emile Hirsch would have tried to describe that?