George Clooney, still super thin, and a bit orange too but always a sexy beast in Tokyo to promote Oceans 13. I love him in a suit.

And then there’s Jake Gyllenhaal. Because he looks terrible in pants, I’d forgotten how gorgeous he is. But these photo shoot outtakes popped up. I mean that face…and the way he’s biting his lips. Don’t tell me there’s no tingle. I won’t believe you. But sometimes you do forget, you know? Like yesterday…my husband. He’s been wearing his hair long-ish, like Patrick Demsey longish, for a while now. But then he started styling it like a loser so we fought about him cutting it. When he came home he had taken it all off, trimmed short on the sides and cool spiky on the top. Ridiculously hot.

Same goes for Jakey G. The bubble ass and the pants issue have been distracting. But when you take the pants out of the equation, Jake is devastatingly handsome. Not unlike George Clooney. Give it time and a few salt and pepper streaks and the kind of charisma that comes with maturity and experience… when time takes George, Jake could be his heir.


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