Vox posted an article yesterday after it was confirmed that Amal and George Clooney are expecting twins comparing Amal’s “announcement” to Beyoncé’s, and how each woman’s pregnancy announcement style reflected their respective approaches to celebrity. Many of you have tweeted or emailed me about how Amal and George decided to formally release the news – not using a publicist, so not themselves directly, but through Julie Chen, news anchor and co-host of The Talk. 

Julie Chen is married to Les Moonves, the head of CBS. George has always credited Les for giving him a chance on ER. Julie and Les were at George’s cousin Miguel Ferrer’s funeral a few weeks ago and that’s likely how they found out. There is no way Julie would have gone ahead with the news on The Talk without proper clearance. This was all done above board. And in a way that wouldn’t be so obvious to those who don’t live on the internet and who don’t study this sh-t (there are many of them out there) that they were, in their way, pulling a Beyoncé.

So Julie and Les knew. Who else? Matt Damon. George directed Matt in his next film Suburbicon. Matt is currently junketing The Great Wall which is great timing because the Clooney pregnancy broke just as Matt was doing press. He was asked about it by everyone. Matt told The Today Show that George told him when they were working together last fall. Amal was 8 weeks pregnant at the time and Matt had to coach George that he wasn’t supposed to talk about it until 12 weeks.

There’s another difference between the Clooneys and Beyoncé. Now that the Clooney pregnancy is out there, the friends are allowed to give details, be specific, when answering the questions. Beyoncé’s friends? Beyoncé’s friends know that the details are not theirs to give. See Gwyneth Paltrow.