If you are at all a prude, you do NOT want to read this. Consider yourself warned. A couple through thick and thin - and what"s the secret to togetherness? Communication, yes. But also compromise. While they have experienced tough times in the past, they have finally righted the ship, coming to terms on divisive issues, with her finally acquiescing to the one thing he used to have to get elsewhere, from those not so prim and proper or tightlipped for that matter. He"s got a thing for the back door, you see? In his case, exit AND enter. In the past, it was never allowed at home - hence the wandering. But now, now that he"s suffered a bit of a setback, now that he needs cheering, she"s been his number 1 source of consolation - shoulder and tail. In limited rationed amounts, just enough to keep him content. After all, that"s love, right? You just have to grin and bear it. Happy endings all around.