So…this could have been much worse?  Maybe I’m still suffering the scars from the Emmys and what that looked like.  Click here for a refresher. There is some serious 90s throwback going on with Hayden, who looks like an Olsen Twin out for her 13th birthday, and I feel like it would be mean to point out to Kimberly Williams-Paisley that it is not the prom. Connie’s dress is very…fine, and her hair is always excellent.

A significant number of you are creeping on these CMA posts because you’ve realized you like country music while watching Nashville. I know, because I’m getting your dirty-little-secret emails.  

So if you’re watching Nashville, you know these women are rarely in the same frame, except to sneer at each other. I hope this is gonna change, because I would like these women to develop some more onstage chemistry. This was all a little stiff, wasn’t it? And besides, despite the fact that everyone is still referring to the lead character as ‘Tami’, won’t it be satisfying to see her and Juliette try to be evil and simultaneously civil to one another? Because I have heard the whispers, as you have, that Rayna and Juliette are stand-ins for Faith and Carrie – but if that’s the case, it’s gotta get vicious-dirty before it gets formal-polite, right?

I asked specifically for the picture where Miranda is already up onstage because there’s just such a disparity in styles and lengths and posture, and it made me laugh.   Also making me laugh?  I watched again because Lainey loves Underwood’s “losing” face, and heard Britton go “Oh, shoot”. What went wrong? And isn’t she happy she didn’t swear?

P.S. if you are one of the aforementioned Nashville-turned Country-Lovers in the closet – and I am, too – how good was that Kelly Clarkson Vince Gill duet? Here’s an awesome candle-lit session of Clare Bowen and Sam Palladio singing Fade Into You that appeared as an “extra”on the CMA website.