And Eric Taylor too.

And Friday Night Lights.

We’re going into our final season and the TV Academy, at long last, has acknowledged one of the best shows, if not THE best show, of a generation. A show you aren’t watching because you’re too busy with those f-cking losers on The Bachelor.

Yeah. We are FIGHTING.

But later.

Because today we must celebrate Connie Britton’s Emmy nomination and Kyle Chandler’s Emmy nominations and while they’re still longshots to win, as Duana just emailed me, can you imagine the speeches?

All they’d have to do is say “Hey y’all” and you’d have to carry me off the floor.

Just after hearing of the honour today, Connie spoke with Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly who’s been tirelessly campaigning for a long, long time on behalf of the show. She revealed that they’re in the process of filming the final episodes EVER. And that Tami and Eric have some changin’ to do...what?

Ausiello: Are you happy with the way it’s going? I’ve heard some rumblings about big changes in store for Eric and Tami.

BRITTON: Yes. I think it’s really a cool direction for us, especially because it’s kind of, for the first time, taking into account Tami’s career. And this will be the closest we’ve ever been to these two people really questioning their lives as they know it together. So that’s going to be really interesting to play. And hopefully it will be really interesting for the show. And of course it’s amazing because we’ve got a lot of our original actors coming back.

Don’t make me worry. We have to worry so much about so many of them but if I have to worry about the Taylors, I won’t be able to get out of bed.

Good news?

Tyra’s coming back for a brief. And Riggins too. And yes, Matt Saracen...

But what about SMASH?!?!

Click here to read more from Connie’s interview with Ausiello including how she reacted to her Emmy news.

And please... a very loud reminder: Friday Night Lights seasons 1 – 3 are available on DVD. Season 4 is currently airing on NBC.

Here’s the famous Tami Taylor cleave at the Nightmare on Elm Street premiere in April.

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