It looks like Nashville. Right? Am I right? My girl Connie Britton dressed in Lions red when it was time to celebrate FNL, and now that it’s about Nashville, it’s about the kind of velvet and brocade that might as easily upholster a chaise lounge to celebrate Rayna James. 

I did not hate it. I didn’t hate it at first glance, and I didn’t-hate-it more as the night went on. I mean at least it was blue and gold, kind of different, lots to see, right? Also she knew she wasn’t going to win, so the red carpet was the only outing the dress was going to get, and as a red carpet dress, I’m not complaining exactly.   

I am complaining about the strapless dress neckline, I have to say. I want everyone to STOP it with the strapless dress altogether, but if you must, hitch it up about six inches and then fit it there. I hate being worried that the dress is going to slip off or getting that itchy feeling halfway down my boobs because I’m having sympathy pains that the dress might fall off. Please quit this.

So yeah. If and when it ever becomes time for Connie Britton to win, she should really step it up. I’m also nervous that her truly great hair was another result of keeping it casual, and I want that not to be the case. Her hair is way better un-messed with.

But for last night, at least it was a colour. At least it was unusual. At least she looked like she picked it out herself. I’m in.