It didn’t even occur to me.  Isn’t that awful?  It wasn’t until Jessica Lange won for American Horror Story that I even thought to look for Connie Britton.  I realized she’d probably be there and the show’s a big deal and I sort of saw her out of the corner of my eye –

In a way, I wish I hadn’t brought it up.

Look at what she wore!  To the Golden Globe Awards!  What is that? What was she thinking?  It’s sloppy, it’s short, it’s a print that evokes a housedress, as much as a glam night out…?  

It has a scalloped hem, for the love of God!

Here’s one theory: Britton’s nobody’s mom.  You know?  She plays moms, she gets cast that way, but that’s not who she is in her personal life, at all.  Maybe she got tired of looking mature?  Maybe this is what she thought would make her the talk of the afterparties?

There’s another part of this that makes me sad.  Not even six months after we were weeping and rending our garments when Kyle Chandler won the Emmy for the most honest portrayal of a marriage, a romance, a partnership with Connie Britton – she’s an afterthought.    

Nobody thinks she’s what revolutionized AHS.  Nobody wanted to know who she was wearing.  Is there a part of her that was a little bitter about it?  Is there a part of her who thought she was going to give the establishment the finger?

Or that being on a worst-dressed list was better than no list at all?