This is the kind of nosy ass question that comes with being a gossip. And frankly, it’s probably none of my goddamn business. Or yours. But we ask anyway... 

Because while Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are with Little Sci in New York elevating their Presentation skills – click here if you missed it – Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were at the Sydney Opera House with their baby Sunday Rose today. The little ones are always accounted for. But what about Connor and Isabella? Connor is 15, Isabella 17. They’re seen more often with their father than they are with their ma, but they were not believed to be in Vancouver while Cruise was here for a couple weeks shooting Mission Impossible 4. And I can’t remember the last time (that we know of) Nicole had them with her although she did refer to them in passing during an interview for Rabbit Hole recently: 

“It took me so long to get pregnant and have a baby, so I have enormous gratitude. I have two grown children with that enormous gratitude that they are healthy and sane and together and are great, great people. So my sense of knowing what I have, I’m not one of those people that needs to be reminded of what I have. But I suppose my compassion, my ability to just – I can weep when I hear the stories that people tell me of what they’re going through. So my heart is open to that because of this film, because I’ve kind of put my toe in the water, in a way.” (Source Cele/bitchy

Maybe they’re in boarding school. Maybe Nicole’s just extra careful about how often they’re photographed with her...though that doesn’t seem to be a problem at any other time when they’re not around. Or perhaps Tom has restricted her access. If that’s the case, if I were her, I would have fought. What else is worth fighting for? Perhaps that’s unfair. Is it unfair? All of it is unfair I suppose. Which goes back to it being none of my goddamn business.

But then again, they’re constantly toting around the young ones, isn’t that just the second part of the same equation? Or am I totally offside?

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