People are widely divided on this look. I don’t hate it, but it’s definitely not Quinn, and I think that’s what people do hate about it. The bob keeps it on the right side of things for me but I think if she had romantic hair we’d need to have a serious talk.

Zimmer was nominated against much more well-known names like Maggie Smith and Lena Headey on much more heralded shows than UnREAL, a show that had a super-strong first season and a reeeaaallly wobbly second one. Not that anyone’s going all Katherine Heigl in this situation, but how would you feel if you were really proud of your work in season 1, but in the meantime everyone’s seen that the best moments of season 2 ended with ‘Money. Dick. Power’?

She’s still there, still hustling pleasantly, and, most importantly, suffering the indignity of The Bachelor host Chris Harrison, who has previously called the show ‘terrible’ and said that nobody watches it, doing a banter-bit about the show with her and pretending to be all self-deprecating about it? It’s… gonna be one of her drinking stories, for sure.


Shiri Appleby was also out for UnREAL, which makes me happy as these two and their relationship are the crux of the show, which I hope steers back on course in season 3. Not sure what I think of Appleby’s dress at all. I don’t love it but I have to apply the ‘praise for wearing colour’ factor. Not to turn everyone into their character, but if you look as good in army green as Appleby does, maybe lean into that?