Lea Michele was photographed with Cory Monteith yesterday at Vancouver airport after the two spent the American Thanksgiving break in British Columbia. They were downtown for a couple of days and then went to Whistler for some snowboarding. Cory also tweeted a photo of Lea on the mountain. The two were heading back to work on Glee. I LOVE her entire outfit. Especially the jacket. Especially the sleeves.

Exactly a year ago, Lea was on the shortlist for Eponine...along with Taylor Swift. A year later, as Les Miserables is building towards its theatrical release with a LOT of Oscar buzz, Samantha Barks is earning solid praise for her performance in the role. I’m sure she’s great. But I also still stand by my original position - that Taylor would have sucked and Lea would have done a good job, the perfect counterpoint to Amanda Seyfried’s Cosette who...was never my favourite character anyway. Eponine is complicated and interesting; she’s supposed to annoy you, she’s supposed to be, in a more profound way, obviously, Blair Waldorf to Serena Van Der Woodsen. I don’t doubt that Lea Michele, posehard that she is, could have handled that.

Anyway, Lea covers the new issue of Flare -- cover is attached. And guess what? Our very own Duana gets namechecked in the opening paragraph!

“When Fox’s hit show Glee debuted in 2009, the over-the-top dramady about a high school glee club swiftly rose to the head of the class. But by its second season, the love-in was over, with many once-smitten critics and fans wondering if the show was going to flunk out. As Lainey Gossip blogger Duana Taha noted, it had become “as fashionable to hate Glee as it once was to love it.”

I’ve not read the entire piece yet but as I was skimming through, I did notice the Estee Stanley reference. The magazine reveals that Lea is particular about what she wears, understanding what (she thinks) does and doesn’t work for her body. But...

Note that Estee Stanley also styles Jessica Biel.

And what do they have in common?

That goddamn fringe!

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