Cory Monteith completed a month of rehab last week and came home to Vancouver with Lea Michele just in time for the start of the playoffs. Here they are at Round 1 Game 1 of the San Jose Sharks vs the Vancouver Canucks last night. They put their faces up on the big screen in the first period, both tricked out head to toe in Canucks gear. He looked good. Healthy. And her too. Even better in person. She’s much prettier in person. And the hair, though it’s probably fake, looks very good in person. By very good I guess I mean very real.

For the most part, people left them alone. They left their seats during intermission, escorted by arena staff, so as not to be bothered by fangirls during the break, but when play resumed, there didn’t seem to be any interruption. Celebrity is secondary at sporting events? Well, in Canada, and for hockey, the answer is yes.

Lea was pretty animated, living and dying with every shot and save. I’m not sure how vocal she is but my guess is “DANIEL, JUST ONE-TIME THE MOTHERF-CKER!!!” didn’t come out of her mouth. That, by the way, was me, and not Jacek. Jacek is more the “What a useless c-nt, send him to the press box!” kind of guy.

Anyway, Cory and Lea have been very, very low key in town, visiting with family and friends, staying way, way out of the spotlight and...out of LA. This is smart, considering. This is not Lindsay Lohan, obviously.