Cory Monteith has some down time now that production on Season 2 of Glee is complete. There's a tour this summer but before that, he's back at home in Vancouver, jamming with his band Bonnie Dune, and hitting up the Canucks game last night, always in Canucks gear, cheering on the home side to a victory in Game 1 of the Western Conference finals. Henrik Sedin finally woke up after a few days off. Jacek noticed he seemed to be labouring, one leg in particular, during the series against Nashville. Hopefully that's been taken care of.

I kept refreshing my blackberry last night for score updates at the sunrise party at the Hotel du Cap. Even checking online there's a sense of anxiety when it's a one goal game. The clock would move in 30 second increments even though I was hitting refresh every 2 minutes. Seemed to be taking forever. There's something about seeing the word "Final" on the screen, obviously in the case of a win, that's tremendously relieving. The first emotion is relief. Before happiness is relief.

As for Cory, game 2 is on Wednesday. I'll be just getting back from Cannes. Right at game time so it's likely Jacek will take a friend. Then you bitches won't have to yell at me for being a jinx.

Photos from PUNKD Images