I was supposed to go in studio yesterday to shoot etalk. But it was Snow Day. I wrote to them in Toronto at 5am begging off because, frankly, I’m afraid to drive in the snow. We have snow tires but... it’s really not a good idea. Jacek agrees. It was almost like they didn’t believe me though. Because normally it’s Snow in Toronto and Rain in Vancouver. That Vancouver had a major snowfall before Toronto seemed foreign.

But then they saw the pictures. Of Cory Monteith returning home on Snow Day on a break, presumably, from Glee over American Thanksgiving. These could be Winter Wonderland Calendar Shots. He tweeted last night that he went for dinner at the new Waldorf Hotel. Well that’s a strong endorsement. I’ve not been yet. It hasn’t been open long. Been looking though for a place for a Christmas party dinner. But lately I’ve been such an old bitch. I hate going out for dinner with friends and you want to catch up and it’s so loud you have to shout at each other over the table. When did eating become clubbing? Or, again, maybe I’m just an old bitch. 

Exclusive photos from Punkd Images