We will fight. We will be fighting a LOT. Duana and I fought a little over email yesterday about Tina Fey. More on this later.

Fashion, obviously, is subjective. We will not agree on everything. We probably won’t agree on much. But remember when you’re yelling at me that this is the Met Gala. Take yourself out of the equation. “I would’ never wear that” is not an applicable statement. It’s not what YOU would wear and it’s not the Oscars either. But it is where you’re supposed to take a risk if you can. And it’s also where “pretty” might not be good enough. Because this list, these people, they have an entirely different scoring system. Ultimately we aren’t the judges. Ultimately THEY are their own judges. So when they were choosing, they weren’t choosing for People Magazine, they were choosing for Anna Wintour and her style bitches. It’s why Madonna wore what she wore last year. For a different set of expectation at the Met Gala. You can push farther at the Met Gala. Madonna being Madonna, she just likes to push it all the way down your throat.

As always, please send your thoughts. Can’t wait to read them. May not be able to reply to all but will always read. Even when you are shouting at me in all caps.

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