Because I’ve seen him in a movie, or a tv show, as a supporting supporting player, and I can’t place it. Have been thinking about it all morning and I can’t place it. Can you place it? I don’t need his name. I just need to know what he was in. The identity, really, is unimportant.

After all, the only thing that will end up mattering is that he’s is the dude who had a supposedly romantic dinner with Jennifer Aniston last night at the Sunset Tower. This, of course, according to the paps who want to leverage more out of their pictures. But she does need a boyfriend soon. And a story to go with it. Especially since she has a movie to sell in August (The Switch) and mostly because Angelina Jolie will be taking all the attention soon on promotion for Salt.

So Jen had a date last night and seems to be wearing her hair slightly shorter which, really, is the most exciting part of her day, other than the skin treatment or the aftersun massage. The girl needs an off work project, non?

Perhaps Tiger Woods?

I was thinking about this the other day when news broke that he could be paying off Elin up to $700 million to keep her mouth shut. What does Elin know that’s valued at $700 million?


Who can save Tiger Woods?

The best experiment ever. Test Jennifer Aniston’s power with the MiniVan Majority. Could she lift Tiger Woods? They would follow her in the fire, would they still follow her if she was following him? See? You want it to happen too.

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