Just landed in LA. It's sunny and I forgot my shades...because I haven't had to think about shades in months! A quick post then to end the day. We'll get to what happens at the BRIT Awards tomorrow.

Staying in London though -- here's Tom Hardy outside the Soho Hotel today. If you ever get the chance, and have saved up enough, you should try staying at a Firmdale. They're some of the nicest boutique hotels around. We were at a Firmdale for a junket once and didn't want to leave.

When I saw these shots, as we get closer and closer to the Oscars, I wondered whether or not Hardy will ever win one. He certainly has the talent. And the studio support (Warner Bros is big on him) and some people thought he deserved nomination consideration for his work in Warrior. Like Christian Bale, Hardy can commit -- almost obsessively -- to a physical transformation for a role. Oscar's always been into that. Is he made for the campaign though? I can't decide about this. The easy quick answer would be no. But there is narcissism in every actor. It just needs to be activated in the right way.