Blake Lively has no movie projects lined up, nothing on her work schedule after wrapping the final season of Gossip Girl. But the way they’re managing the release of her wedding spread in Martha Stewart Weddings, it may as well be a premiere. And it’s working. I can’t wait to see these pictures. I can’t wait to flip through the magazine and examine every detail. What? I heard you blowing air out of your teeth. Why you lying? Please. You’ll be looking too.

It’s Bridal Fashion Week in New York. Martha Stewart Weddings hosted a party the other day. While there, Blake’s wedding planner spoke to PEOPLE about the much-anticipated December issue reveal. Apparently Blake was fully prepared:

"(Blake) had pages and pages of pictures. She knew everything that she wanted from the very beginning to the very end. The problem was she had 250 photos, and she wanted all those elements in her wedding. [From] simple, elegant flowers to comfortable seating, she wanted the wedding to be very family and friend-oriented, very private. It was in a barn, and it was really fun to take this rustic barn element and dress it up inside. It was really lovely, lots of candles, just like she has at home. ... She wanted it to feel just like she was at home.”

Martha Stewart herself also offered her comments on the “charming” event, teasing that she loved what Blake did with the dogs. The dogs were involved!!?!?


Martha Stewart Weddings, December issue...see?

Sounds like they’re finalising it right now because the editorial director of the publication, Darcy Miller, told PEOPLE that she’d just come from meeting with the Reynolds, probably to present the layout to them before closing the magazine:

"You just looked around the room, and all the candles were glowing, and they just looked so happy. You know, I was with them yesterday, and I said to them, 'I have a never seen a bride and a groom sit at a table so long and just look at each other and talk to each other.' ... Everyone there was just so happy for them."

Wedding talk sounds a lot like baby talk. Like those stupid baby headlines when some celebrity is all like, “I love my daughter SO much”, and for some reason it’s breaking news, because no mother ever loved her daughter until a movie star gave birth to one. It’s the same for the celebrity wedding coverage.

“Everyone was so happy for them” -- as if Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have the exclusive on wedding guest happiness. Are wedding guests generally not happy for the couple getting married?

Whatever. Why am I being such a bitch? I want the magazine to come out tomorrow. I want a sneak peek. I want a glimpse of it, a taste of it, anything. F-cking Blake Lively. She played me so good.

Attached - Blake on the set of Gossip Girl today. And Jenny Humphrey’s back too.