First the newlyweds Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady – she’s in Versace, he’s adorable, and it’s all about the legs and the shoes. Shoe Porn! Sigh…this is the beach hair I’ve always wanted. It’s what happens when you’re Gisele Bundchen. Like she really doesn’t have to try all that hard. Doesn’t look like she spent all day getting ready and still…she’s perfect. Ugh. Perfect her, perfect him, now perfect baby?

They were spotted exiting a medical centre yesterday prompting pregnancy speculation. Great. Gisele with child then a week after labour she’s back in a bikini. F-ck her.

On to Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger – Michelle really liked this dress. She appreciated the waistline and the texture which she says saves it from being bland. I’m indifferent. Don’t find it particularly flattering. Then Michelle countered that Diane Kruger doesn’t need it to be flattering. Salient point. As for Josh, well he met his standard. I would have enjoyed hugging him and not letting go.

Finally – Bradley Cooper and …not Jordana Brewster’s sister. As of last week he was still dating Jordana Brewster’s sister who very much resembles Jordana Brewster’s sister. This is not Jordana Brewster’s sister.

Bradley is currently on promotion for The Hangover, this summer’s dude comedy from the director of Old School which means my husband is already in line to see it. If you’re in the mood for this kind of thing, it actually looks stupidly fun. And we’re heading to Vegas this weekend. Am now itching for the smell of the strip. The Mike Tyson part kills me.

PS. When did Bradley Cooper’s hair suddenly become the best in Hollywood?

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