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Your first reaction might be to applaud Courteney Cox for admitting to using Botox. Especially since Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman, despite the obvious immobilisation in her forehead, ridiculously refuses to admit what has been long regarded as a universal truth.

But here’s the thing…

Courteney’s admission is that she TRIED it. Not that she USES it. Big difference.

New issue of Marie Claire, Courteney says:
"Botox? I think it's fantastic and also horrible. I mean, they've come up with this stuff that can make you not look angry. But you have to use it sparingly. I went to this doctor once and he was like, 'Oh, let me do it just here and here and here.' And I was miserable. I mean, I'm an actor, I've got to be able to move my face. When people start messing with their foreheads and can't lift their eyebrows, that's weird. It's not that I haven't tried Botox - but I hated it."

Of course she did. They all “hate” it. They all try it and NEVER go back…



This is Courteney two nights ago at the Elle Magazine event in LA. She claims she’s not into plastic surgery and fighting age. That David Arquette “loves the aging process”.

Courteney once talked about the great “face or body” debate in an interview. You know what it is right? For many women it comes down to a choice later in life: if you want to preserve your face, you gotta let your ass go a little. If your ass stays tight, the face has to fall…

At the time, Courteney was a “body”. Looks to me like she’s still a “body”, which would mean she does the extras to save the “face”…

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