It’s one of my favourite questions.

As you now know, they announced a “trial separation” yesterday that’s actually been in effect for months. Something about trying to discover each other, themselves, and boundaries. It was written by a therapist and vetted by a publicist and the timing is curious on more than one level.

First, as TMZ reported, David’s been hooking up with some trick called Jasmine Waltz. She’s the broad who beat down Lindsay Lohan a few months ago. Photos were about to surface of the two of them together. So it was a pre-emptive strike. David called into Howard Stern this morning to confirm that he’s been having sex with Jasmine, but only after he and Courteney shut it down which was four months ago.

David also told Stern that Courteney doesn’t want to “mother” him anymore and that they remain the best of friends and that they do indeed hope to reunite but that they haven’t been intimate in months. Holy f-cking candid. I’ve decided I love him.

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You’ll note then that David reveals that they split around June which, conveniently, was very shortly after rumours emerged that Courteney was allegedly having an affair with her Cougar Town co-star Brian Van Holt.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Oh but would it really have been the first time...?

You don’t think their relationship was conventional like that do you? How long is your gossip memory? Especially when it’s blind? Trust me when I tell you neither of them would find text messages incriminating, although others in a different position might not agree.

But Courteney Cox is a Friend. And she’s friends with a Friend. And she’s a Mom. She’s supposed to be Just Like Me. Or, rather, You.

They really never are.

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