TMZ is reporting exclusively that Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid have ended their engagement. Apparently it happened just before Thanksgiving and Johnny moved out of Courteney’s homes and went back to England. According to TMZ sources, they tried for a long time to make it work and went to counselling but ultimately couldn’t live with their differences. And those differences? Per TMZ:

They got engaged in June 2014 after 6 months of dating, but we're told they've been struggling over lifestyle choices: She enjoys going out with friends, but he's more low-key and private. Photogs last spotted them together back in August.

This is my marriage. I’m partying all the time. Jacek stays in the basement, by choice, playing video games and talking to our dog. Once a month, on average, we go out with friends for an event but for the most part, he is never my plus one. And this works for everyone. But we’re not celebrities and we don’t live in Hollywood where, I guess, going out is part of the job. And going out together is part of the job. Is it the classic pull between extrovert and introvert? Not the opposites attract formula that people say is successful?

It’s going to bite my ass if someone somewhere starts bitching about how she should stayed home more after finding love. It’s going to bite my f-cking ass. Wait for it.