It was confirmed right after US Thanksgiving that Courteney Cox and Johnny McDaid had ended their engagement. And it seemed permanent. By the time the news was made public, he’d already gotten the f-ck out of LA and moved back to London, supposedly because he was into a quieter lifestyle and she hung out with her friends too much. Click here for a refresher. A few weeks later she was seen having dinner with Will Arnett though they insisted they’d known each other a long time and were just friends.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, Courteney and Johnny were seen together for the first time in months, out with her daughter, Coco. Does this mean they’ve reconciled?

When they broke up, word is they’d been heavily in to therapy to try and work things out; in particular, it was reported that Courteney pushed hard to get him to reconsider. And while I’m not a parent, I feel like you don’t mess around with involving the kids if you’re not sure about what’s happening in the relationship.