Do you like Courteney Cox’s botox? I can’t decide.

It’s certainly better than Granny Freeze. And she does look beautiful – Courteney opted for casual at the Marley & Me LA premiere to support her bestie Jennifer Aniston – but there’s a tightness in her eyes, and the way the nose pinches… it lacks warmth, it lacks life, it lacks animation. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe this is how I’ll look in 5 years too.

Courteney has just come off 2 episodes guest starring on Scrubs, she makes a brief appearance in Adam Sandlers Bedtime Stories releasing Christmas Day, and then she’ll stay in TV for a project called Cougar Town, no explanation required, currently in development.

Jennifer Aniston recently told GQ she’s pushing for a movie called Pumas, also about cougars. What’s with the cougar love?

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