Courteney Cox and Isla Fisher yesterday out for lunch at Joan’s on Third. All part of that little yummy mummy crowd – from which Courteney’s longtime bestie Jennifer Aniston is feeling increasingly isolated. At least according to Life & Style. Obviously bullsh-t. But the photos came at a great time as their latest issue hits stands featuring a BFF breakup.

Apparently Jen feels betrayed by Courteney because she ran into Brad Pitt at a concert and talked to him.

It’s a dumb way to spin a story.

Why not this?

Courteney playing matchmaker! She runs into Brad and convinces him to get back together with Jen!

See now this is a lie that bears fruit. Because all members of the MiniVan fantasise about the day when Brad dumps the goddess to return to the ordinary girl, spawning a new war featuring two more evenly matched adversaries: Angelina Jolie vs Courteney Cox.


Next week then...


Photos from and Brewer/Banks/