A little bit, right? And not just because they both have dark hair. There’s a similar body type happening here too. And, of course, the preternaturally preserved beauty assisted in a way that’s making it hard for me to distinguish between the two, though Demi’s, of course, has been performed with more “authentic” looking results.

Courteney Cox certainly isn’t scary as Granny Freeze Nicole Kidman (yet), but it’s jarring nonetheless. Nothing you can isolate, exactly, but the whole thing looks so pinched. And sometimes her mouth freaks me out. This is part of the reason why I don’t watch Cougar Town. First of all, the title, I can’t say it out loud after the words “I watch”. And I don’t find it all that funny. And then there’s her face. Eyebrows like a tight rope, she gives me a tension headache through the tv.

Anyway, here’s Courteney with Neve Campbell last night at the Hollywood premiere of Scream 4. Demi Moore would totally wear that dress.

As for Neve Campbell –is that what we’re doing here, is this the new rule? To dress from the year you were most famous, in her case 1995? I know she’s just making her way back, but Jesus that doesn’t mean she has to come looking like some producer’s hicktown 3rd cousin.

Photos from Wenn.com