Courteney Cox hit up happy hour yesterday at a place called Casa Vega in Sherman Oaks. For three hours. With this hunk. To drive up interest in their pictures, the photo agency seems to be implying that perhaps something untoward is going on.



Courteney is a married mother. And married mothers never cheat. Especially not married mother actresses in Hollywood. Bad lying paparazzi.

This time, actually, I’m sure it’s innocent.

As for Cougar Town, the show has been renewed for a second season thanks, well, really, to Modern Family as a strong lead-in. But Cougar Town ratings have been steadily declining. A strong lead-in is one thing, but not supporting it with strong material is another. She’ll have to invite Jennifer Aniston to guest again for a lesbian angle. Or they’ll catfight and roll around in the mud together. They have, like, 2 moves.

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