Courteney Cox walked the carpet at the Tribeca Film Festival in LA yesterday with boyfriend Johnny McDaid. The two have made no attempt to hide their relationship since they started dating but this is the first official event they’ve attended together. Photo Assumption says both seem relaxed. Like, there required no complicated choreography, no angst-ing. And, to be fair, or not fair, it’s because Courteney Cox is not Jennifer Aniston – both in celebrity rank and approach to being a celebrity.

I mean, what was the deciding factor between Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston on Friends? Going into the show, you could say that Cox was more famous, had a higher profile. Talent-wise it’s a wash. Aniston’s hair helped, sure. But it was Brad Pitt that put her over. What would have happened if he’d fallen in love with Courteney Cox instead and Aniston stayed with Tate Donovan? Or if Courteney had hooked up with, say, Johnny Depp?

PS. Courteney has HIDEOUS taste in shoes.