I’ll scratch yours.

Courteney Cox has been Jennifer Aniston’s fan #1, her shoulder to weep on...for months and months her shoulder to weep on. And the first arrival at every pity party, and the “kindest” confidante in Malibu. Easy to be kind when your best friend is rich and famous though. Not so easy to be kind to those on the payroll. Not so easy to refrain from being a monster bitch to those who wait on you hand and foot. But that isn’t exactly profound or a secret or even a riddle, is it?

So Courteney was there for Jen, now Jen is stepping up for Courteney – first with an overhyped lesbian peck on Courteney’s show Dirt, then showing up last night to support David Arquette’s new release. And in return Jen’s slow, strategic re-emergence onto the scene becomes even sweeter: a healthier body, single and patiently waiting, the bestest friend, always always backing up her girl...all at a time when Life & Style is accusing Angelina Jolie of hating her own daughter? Well played by Aniston, don’t you think? The MiniVan Majority is in heaven.

But enough conspiracy mongering – can we talk instead about how pretty Courteney is? SO pretty. SO much prettier. And NOT orange. Almost never orange. And not obsessed with tanning. Or with updating her highlights. So why was she the 2nd Friend? I never understood.